Multi-ethnic and multicultural union through musical performance “Evolution of music from the Middle Ages to modern times”

In our daily lives, we inhabit a region where we engage in work, communication, and socialization, interacting with people from various ethnic backgrounds. The state musical school “Todor Skalovski – Tetoec” in Tetovo, with a branch in Struga, serves as an exemplary model in this regard. This school embraces students from almost all ethnic groups residing in the Southwest region, including Macedonians, Albanians, Roma, Egyptians, Macedonian Muslims, and Turks. Despite the diversity in ethnicity, culture, religion, and tradition, these students are unified by a common goal: music. Music acts as a bridge, fostering cooperation and unity among the students of the music school. It stands as an exceptional testament to inter-ethnic and inter-cultural mutual respect and cooperation.

However, while students of Macedonian and Albanian descent attend different shifts in this school, they lack sufficient opportunities to collaborate and showcase their talents collectively, aside from individual performances at concerts. The musical performance titled “Evolution of Music from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era” aims to address this gap. It embodies a symbiotic approach, involving all ethnic groups represented in the school, to illustrate the evolution and universality of music throughout the ages. This endeavor seeks to diminish mutual differences while celebrating diversity, culminating in the presentation of a folklore theme from each ethnic group separately. Such an initiative is poised to dismantle prejudices among students, foster relationships rooted in mutual respect and understanding, and enhance the positive learning and working environment within the school.

Additionally, our involvement extended beyond the school’s walls. Later, we were invited to perform body percussion at several humanitarian concerts, as well as at one of the most popular events in Ohrid, the “Ohrid run.” These experiences further showcased the talent and unity cultivated within our diverse musical community, reinforcing the message of harmony and cooperation beyond our immediate surroundings.

Moreover, this event serves not only to elevate the musical culture in the region by educating about the history of music but also to stimulate the growth of culture and art within the local community. By showcasing the beauty of music from diverse ethnicities, it sends a powerful message of respect, peace, and equality among different ethnic groups in our region.

In 2022, “Tactus” embarked on a groundbreaking venture in partnership with the municipality of “Debrca” by launching a pilot project titled “Margins”,¬†featuring painting workshops for children residing in rural areas.

This initiative saw the involvement of about 220 children, representing all students from first to ninth grade within the municipality. The primary objective was to enhance the accessibility of art education for these children.

In the final phase of the initiative, all artworks created by the participating children were showcased in a culminating exhibition held at the central school in the village of Belchishta. This exhibition served as a celebration of the children’s creativity and marked the successful conclusion of our project, aimed at increasing the accessibility of art education for rural youth.

“Once Upon a Time” was a captivating puppet theatre project that embarked on a journey, thanks to its portable nature.

Our shows weren’t just about entertainment; they were crafted to impart valuable lessons to children on topics such as generosity, care, friendship, and environmental awareness. While our primary focus was reaching children in the rural villages of Ohrid and Struga, aligning with our vision to bring art to all, we also extended our performances to these cities.

Additionally, in 2021, “Once Upon a Time” ventured to Skopje as a guest of HAE Macedonia, presenting a specially tailored show for children with rare diseases.